Reinvent My Wardrobe - DONT FALL FOR IT

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Tuesday, June 26 2:28 a.m. – Police responded to a reported larceny of a laptop on Marrett Road. Natalie M. Erwin, 30, of 30 Newbury St., Boston, was arrested and charged with larceny of property over $250.

don't fall for the scam of this "business." it's hilarious that the 4 good comments on this page were reported on the same day, probably bribed somehow by Natalie herself. She's just trying to get her business up and running again, after telling all of her employee's she was temporarily terminating her business---so she didn't have to pay them for their work.

Hope no one falls for this scam.

ReInvent My Wardrobe reinvents nothing but a headache

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Reinvent my wardrobe markets itself as a fashion consulting company, however it is far from such.For one, my appointment was constantly rescheduled by the owner/CEO (Natalie Marie) very last minute and on numerous occasions.

This should have been a foreshadowing. The stylist was late, unprofessional, and not too friendly. No outfits "reinvented" were any that I would wear.

I have shown pics of the consultation results to peers and coworkers and almost 100% agree that the choice in outfits were not very fashion forward.Overall, the company seems very disorganized and not entirely sure what they are doing.

Review about: Consulting Services.



her new company website is

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she changed her company to The_wc_co the wardrobe consulting company. Spread the word and prevent her from screwing any more people all over again!

to Nisha #851403

She was recently arrested for credit card fraud; April 2014

to Clover #864927

She is still in jail. My boyfriend became hers instead. As it turns out she was preggers with another dude's baby who was born just before she got arrested.

to Jan #998372

She now goes by alie Erwin.

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My boyfriend has been pushing me to file a complaint with the BBB from last spring. There were hardly any comments on here back then. Glad (well not really, glad) to see that I am not the only one who got screwed out of pay.

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I was the very 1st employee of Natalie's when she launched RMW in 2011. I was hired to be her marketing manager and right-hand woman/personal assistant. EVERYTHING I am reading from these posts just has me shaking my head. She did the exact same to me, but I can't believe she has been able to continue this joke of a business this long. She screwed up my credit and bank account, stopped payment on my paycheck after a month of work, and at the last minute, never showed up on what was to be my first day of traveling cross country with her to help her launch in each of the cities. It took her a week to call me with an excuse.

She is an adderal junkie. Her money comes from the men she sleeps with. She is disorganized, unprofessional and, as many of you noted, is in no way prepared to run a business. much less one geared towards fashion.

I would be VERY interested in participating in a judgment against her. She almost cost me everything. I am happy to help dish a dose of karma her way.

You may contact me via facebook: to discuss any legal action that you are all considering.

to Natalie Marie's Very 1st Emplo Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #599079

How do we get together and take legal action? Has someone begun this process? Natalie owes me money and I'm tired of emailing her for hit.

to Natalie Marie's Very 1st Emplo Amarillo, Texas, United States #613488

Natalie is indeed nothing but a fraud and a scam artist.

She attempted to steal thousands of dollars from my credit card which she illegaly obtained.Among her other charges were a total of $8000 to Reinvent My

These are felonies and she will be prosecuted.She has no fashion sense, dresses and lives like a slob, and her wardrobe is perfectly suited for her next destination-prison!


Pardon me - I'm typing on my phone, so I apologize if this message is a bit grammatically incorrect.I worked for Natalie for quite some time.

This is what I saw- she bad mouthed people on the team, lied about payments ( I understand that some interns were told that this would be unpaid, but some were also told told that they would be paid- and I was one of these people,) she took bank information for these payments that never happened so I'm wondering what she's doing with it, she was sent to jail- this is public information - google it, she had an RIMW email filled with naked pictures of herself, she's always late, goes days without responding to emails or phone calls, the turnover rate is high- which says alot about the quality of the company, she pretty much uses her workers and views them as expendable. I don't understand all these kind words from the people below me- because it simply isn't true.

It's sad really.She's sad.


I've been flowing this whole thing closely after also being screwed over, and I've seen that Natalie is active again on Facebook and on the website.Obviously she had to have gone through some break down and even got arrested this summer and is now back at it.

These two or three positive reviews that have mysteriously popped up just as Natalie is trying to get the company back up are obviously written by Natalie. "Natalie is a great person and works very hard!! She has a lot on her plate!!" Seriously? Who would say that?

Everyone has a lot on their plate. We all have jobs, and families, and bills. That's not an excuse to screw over 20-30 people that were just trying to find work. And even more obvious that those positive interviews were all written by Natalie herself?

THESE POSITIVE REVIEWS WERE ALL WRITTEN THE SAME DAY. Coincidence? I think not. She's obviously trying to rebuild her reputation, and if anyone has a brain here, they would see that this company is just a joke and she is a scam artist.

Please don't give this company a chance as an employee or as a consumer.She can't be trusted with your time and money.


I was supposed to be an intern for Natalie this past summer. The idea of the company was interesting to me, but of course I was skeptical. She's a sweet person, but in no way is she ready to run a business. I was told of an interview phone call, and it was pushed back several times. There was never an interview that went accordingly. When I did get the internship, she was a bit better at communicating and gave us a really great feeling about the summer ahead. She made it clear-- interns are NOT paid; it's in the contract, it was in the list ad, and it was said by her that everything was commission based on the basis you actually did what was required to get that commission.

She sent out an e-mail, saying that she was going to take a break from her company until she decided on which direction she wanted to take. All of the interns and stylists were confused beyond belief. When e-mailed to ask what was going on, she never replied.

Natalie is a sweet person but as stated before, she is way too young and inexperienced to run her own business. Especially what she was doing by creating seven different offices within the first year-- too ambitious. If she were to get her act together, I would possibly go back to her but if it's anytime in the next 5-7 years absolutely not. Never wishing her bad! I was disappointed at how the situation was handled and the fact I had turned down other internships that were paid for one that I was more passionate about.


Earlier today I had an appointment for RMW job interview.Nobody showed up.

Came home and reading these reviews.Oooops, I wish I saw this earlier.


I worked with Reinvent my wardrobe during an event this year.They were very professional and we had a great time!

I don't understand why there are people who would say anything bad about this company!! It is a great idea!!

They make women feel better about style and be more confident!!So to all who are trying to say anything bad I SAY, "REINVENT YOUR ATTITUDE!!!!"


Personal attacks are ridiculous!! I know Natalie and she has never screwed me over!! People lets not spend time beating people down!!!


:grin I love Reinvent my wardrobe!!I feel like not everyone is going to be happy with every company!!

Someone will always complain!! Natalie is a great person and works very hard!!

She has a lot on her plate!!I think people need to find out for themselves about this company rather than dissing them on this website!!!


My friend is an intern with Natalie Marie and from the looks of the events they are producing a very lucrative company in the Dallas, TX area. She has created some type of fan base and I'm pretty impressed with what she has done so far. I am really shocked at what people are saying from these posts but I really see her as being a unique business woman


I did not INTERN for Natalie, I worked for her as her regional manager.Natalie not only owes me money from payment, she also owes me for reimbursement.

I paid for her personal items as well as taxi rides, so I don't care if her personal life is a mess, she should keep it professional when at work. If she is unable to run a company properly then she has to pay for her mistakes.

Anyone who decides to run a company should be prepared for failure and should have a plan B, this you learn in business school, or your business partner/investor/banker should warn you about. If you are unorganized hire someone who is, if you can't pay people on time then sign up for automatic payment.

Natalie never had a fund to start this company, everything was given to her pieces by piece. Those who she call investors are just men who sleeps with and buys her things. I had access to her emails and I saw stuff I shouldn't have, but truth be told, everyone who is working for her or have worked for her are just working for someone who has no steady income of her own. She got some money from some John that likes her, maybe John even have a family of his own, and at one point or another John can't provide the steady relationship Natalie looks for, and she's running low on money so every city she travels to she looks up males to spend the night with and have them buy her an extra night at the hotel.

Have you ever wondered why you always met with her in hotel lobbies? Or how nothing is ever steady or permanent?

That's because nothing is permanent in her life, not even her baby..which was an accident and it prob doesn't even exist anymore.


Hey Guys,

I too work for Natalie, and would like to think that I still do, and would to say to everyone that has left a nasty comment or threatened to sue, that they should just stop.For the interns, we are UNPAID, and the only payment we get will be on commission.

So if you do a stellar job, then you're definitely going to be acknowledged and rewarded for it. Some of you were hired just before the company went south and threatening to sue. You have no right to do that and should just calm down. I know that the situation is not ideal, but harsh words is not what is going to get you your money.

I do understand that there has been a lack of communication on everyone's part, but we should make an effort to understand what went wrong. Natalie has been dealing with a lot, and you have to understand that is a difficult time for her. All the hard work that she has put into a company that she was and is sincerely passionate about is in limbo, and she is doing everything that she can so that Reinvent My Wardrobe can be up and running again.

Let us not be crude with comments and keep everything professional please.Thank You.


I was an intern for Miss Natalie and sent her numerous emails and still haven't heard back. Worst experience and decision in my life. How do I get in on the class action suit?


Natalie is crazy,unfashionable, selfish human being with no ability to dress herself, let alone run a company.She has no idea about fashion, is always late for meetings, disappears for days on end without replying to emails or phone calls, and is an all around just a super special person.

I've seen her spend thousands of dollars on bags while sizing up men and their net worth...where this money comes from, I have no idea. She doesn't pay her employees, she's never paid me.

Who is this person?And when is she going to pay for her crimes?

to Bostonian Amarillo, Texas, United States #613650

She has committed some serious crimes. She will be back in prison very soon. Hopefully she will be sent away for a long long time.

Her predatory ifestyle has caught up to her and she will be punished.


I to have been screwed by Natalie.This woman has no integrity or scruples.

We all should have known just by her appearance at interviews, orientation, and meetings. Anyone running a stylist business should have a more stylish appearance. I have not been paid as well and afraid what she will do with my banking info, I wanted direct deposit. I experience everything you guys all have posted and would like to join any legal suits.

We all would be better off joining together and nailing this liar/theif.Please contact me.


I was hired to work for Natalie also and after my dad did research on her, said he would not pay for me to move and work for her.I was hoping he was wrong, but after hearing this I am truly sorry for everyone to did not get the warning like I did.

If I had planned to move for the summer to work for Reinvent My Wardrobe and this had happened, I would ABSOLUTELY hire a lawyer and take action. FREE LABOR IS ILLEGAL!! I did not sign the many pages about a contract but I'm sure those of you who went through with it did, which means she HAS to pay you. What she is doing will hopefully lead to a lawsuit against her and further her to spend time in jail.

She is breaking legal contracts. Please take action! I know all of us who got hired are in our early 20s and should not let some crazy woman take advantage of us! She can't go too far when the police is out looking for her.

Good luck, everything.I hope you all get your money!


Just as everyone else has already said, Natalie is a scam artist.An entire class of interns and stylists were literally all just dropped like hot potatoes without pay, notice, or even an ounce of respect from Natalie.

Having a degree in fashion doesn't mean that you known a darn thing about running a business. It's a shame considering that the idea seemed like a winner, but she is just unprofessional, and inexperienced. Now, this should be forgivable considering we all need a learning curve in life.

However, when you're screwing masses of people over in the process, you are literally making nothing but enemies and tainting your name.I almost guarantee she'll have to move and just change her name, because at this rate nobody wants to do business with her, and frankly, no one should.


Natalie Marie is one of the worst people I've ever met!She is a liar!

She still hasn't paid me and I started working late February. She said I would be paid June 1st and I have yet to receive my payment. I have emailed her constantly and havent gotten a response. Please no one go to work for her!

It's a big scam to get these clients card information and basically disappear. I tried to email coworkers of mine and NONE of them work for her anymore because of the same problem.

I will be taking action against her because what she's doing is illegal.Little bxtch


She did the same for us in Boston..I thought Boston was where this company originated.

She won't respond to any texts, emails or calls all of a sudden..which she responded all the time before.

Suddenly missing when we are to be paid.She e-mailed us that we'd all be paid on June 1st, I have yet to hear from her.


Natalie has done the exact same thing to us. Employees in the Dallas area have been scammed and we want our money! We havent been paid, and natalie has come up missing out of no where.


I got hired as an "Intern" for Natalie.She was a bit unprofessional throughout the interview process but I didnt let that faze me as Im a somewhat laid back person.

Once hired on, I realized the term "intern" was being used very loosely. We were pretty much given the duties of actual employees with no one to work under and learn from. A month into the internship Natalie became impossible to get a hold of. She would not respond to texts, calls, or emails.

She was highly unorganized, unprofessional, and crude.

She was insulting to the employees and decided to "restructure" the company and ran back to boston and left the rest of us hanging.We are currently compiling a class action suit against her.


The owner of this company is one of the worst people in the world!

She's MIA for days and has not paid me for weeks.

She has done no events in a while is barely making enough to support her personal lifestyle of you dont want to know.


Professionalism is much more than words and text, something the owner of RMW apparently failed to learn.Talk cannot always fill the void where action should be.

Mistakes are a given in all aspects of life, including business, but they should be learned from and the sh*t should be cut in the future. Eventually, your rug will no longer cover what you choose to sweep under and ignore.

The owner of RMW takes little pride in what she does, has even less respect for those she encounters, and takes even less (is this possible?) heed to lessons from past mistakes.Being a new company is a poor excuse for lack of respectability and professionalism.


Reinvent My Wardrobe is very unprofessional and the founder of the company has no previous experience in the fashion industry.

The company is poorly run therefore leads to disorganization, which reflects upon the website.

The CEO is rude, obnoxious and lack of focus which is not a good sign. Natalie Marie not only fails to pay her workers, but she asks them to purchase her personal items with no intention of paying them back.

The company have a high turnover rate because the CEO cannot afford to pay any of the employees so she lets them go or forces them to quit by delayed paychecks. This way she can avoid paying her employees and 80% of the employees will not take legal actions due to the amount of hassle it would cost to take to hire a lawyer for one case.

I highly recommend everyone to contact the Better Business Bureau in your state if you have been wronged, also keep in contact with other employees you have worked with, to combine your evidences and take legal actions together as a group if needed.


I have worked with the company for a few months, and I got promoted from a stylist position to a managing position in a very short matter of time. At first I was very happy however later on as I worked I begin to see why the company was so fast in promoting me. They had no organization, and the CEO did not honor the payment period. Natalie will be hard to reach and disappear for up to days at a time. If you point this out to her she will confront you and say "I'm the boss so I can" along with some other excuse such as she's ill.

Up till now after seeing how everything operates from a managing point of view, I can honestly say the company is new and most importantly the CEO is immature. It is important for people to learn and take in suggestions in order to improve, however the CEO as a person is just too ignorant as a person and too scatter minded and cracks under pressure (solving this by purchasing expensive luxury items such as bags and shoes). Over all the whole company is struggling financially and physically.

P.S she has yet to pay me and some other workers. She will be going under an investigation as well as lawsuit from me and my attorney in the near future.


Natalie just had surgery..didn't pay her workers and yet to respond to her emails from a month. She is very unprofessional..doesn't say what she will do and doesn't know anything about the fashion world and being professional. I would never work for her again..nor shouldl anyone.


This is "Natalie Marie."

We, as of yet, as a company have not released ANY of the pics from consults done as we are still working on finalizing contracts with the legal department on the stylists rights to Intellectual Property. With that said I'm curious as to how you got your pics from the consult as we did not release them to you from your FREE wardrobe consult.

It also has been as will always be a policy that our stylists are NOT allowed to reschedule appointments as to honor our clients time and know that as of November 19, 2011 NONE have been rescheduled.

If you had any issues with the outfits created it would seem to reason you would stop the stylist and inform her you are not happy as to not waste your time or hers. Since we are a group we have MANY stylists that could have completed the consult if you were not happy.

If ANY client of RMW is unhappy we would suggest contacting the company directly and giving us a chance to right our wrong. Posting on a blog such as this doesn't help to solve the problem. I will be the first to admit we are a new business and we will make a mistake here and there. It's a shame that in this economy there are people out there who don't support such endeavors of a new business instead exhaust energy attempting to spread negativity.

I encourage you, Dpg1011, to contact me directly with your concerns and allow Reinvent My Wardrobe to right the wrong done to you.

You can reach me at, use Dpg1011 as the subject please.

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